Exterior and interior design refinements include:

• Polished wire mesh upper and lower front grilles, a V-Series signature;

• Aggressively sculpted hood instantly marking the XLR-V as a supercharged-powerhouse. While the dome is enclosed and does not bring additional air into the engine, its function is to make room for the supercharger;

• New 10-spoke aluminum wheel design with sterling silver finish;

• Unique V-Series and Supercharged badging that subtly proclaims the XLR-V’s pedigree, including “XLR-V” and “Supercharged” badges on the front fenders, doors and deck lid;

• Four polished stainless steel exhaust tips;

• Black finish brake calipers with machined V-Series logo;

• Three exterior color offerings: Infra Red, Black Raven and Light Platinum;

• Zingana Wood, an ebony-hued wood with a distinctive grain, is used on the shifter knob, cup holder area, steering wheel, and on portions of the door and center console;

• The upper portion of the interior is ebony with either shale or ebony as the dominant lower color, maintaining a sense of quiet, restrained elegance;

• Ebony leather with French stitching wraps interior components throughout, from the top of the IP, and roll hoops to the door trim, arm rests, center console and steering wheel;

• The soft, supple leather seats with French stitching are either all ebony or shale with matching perforated suede fabric inserts on both the seats and accent trim on the door panels;

• Aluminum accent pieces throughout the interior, from the sill plates to the center stack trim plate surrounding the radio and steering wheel accents, are in a new Kinetic pattern;

• V-Series badging highlights the instrument cluster and passenger side dash.

Adaptive Forward Lighting

The XLR-V is the first Cadillac to be equipped with an Adaptive Forward Lighting system that uses sensors to determine speed and steering wheel angle input in determining how fast and how far to turn the headlamps for improved night driving vision.

Using a stepper motor and controller, the system is capable of turning the headlamps from straight ahead to 15-degrees outboard and 5-degrees inboard on each lamp, which work in tandem.

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