Have you ever seen a car at an auto show under the harsh lighting and in the wrong color? Well, if you did not already know, it makes a helluva difference.

Case in point; the 2011 Audi A8

Since I have seen it on the auto show circuit, beginning in Detroit, it usually was colored in some light color -- like beige -- that just seemed to be unflattering for the big-daddy Audi.

I would look at it and pick it apart and say "Meh, it is not that good looking."

Clearly, I was disappointed with the latest design.

Then while 001 and I were leaving the New York Auto Show after the first day's worth of hard work, we saw a black 2011 A8 parked awaiting to chauffeur one of the higher ups at Audi.

So much so, I exclaimed "Wow!" Goodness, it looked absolutely fantastic.

On the street in a dark color with these wheels is where this Audi looks its best, no question about that. Although I know it does not compete with Mercedes-Benz's E-Class, the A8's design blows the E sitting behind it completely away. The 8 has this elegant and techy appearance to it; you just know it means business.

Am I wrong here or am I on point?

We want to know where YOU think this black 2011 A8 places on the Big Three of Germany's totem pole. Rank 'em!

Note: I love its squatted stance in the third picture.

**Make sure to take a look through the gallery and let us know what you like/dislike at the 2010 New York Auto Show.

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NEW YORK AUTO SHOW: It Is Amazing What Different Colors And Surroundings Can Do For A Car, No?

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