This seems to be an age-old question that gets tossed around once and a while. And, with good reason.

Let's paint a pretty picture:

So, let's say you just got out of your BMW store, you have made your purchase of a brand spankin' new 335i. Sure it makes plenty of power and has a buttload of torque from the factory. In fact, it seems just about right. Or is it? Some will never be completely satisfied.

I remember when the 335s first popped up everyone and their mother was doing all they could to get the Xede chip done. Then the videos of E92s beating E46 M3s were plastered all over YouTube.

But then you have to remember there are consequences to your modding habits; voided warranties and issues down the road.

You cannot blame the auto manufacturers either, as they are the ones left on the hook for some contraption it never thought up or tested on its vehicle. You have to think about this, OEMs spend countless hours testing their products, more so than Jimbo in his shed.

And this encompasses all of the components in vehicles interacting together.

Sure, you can do an engine swap but what about the suspension, brakes and all of the other gear required to make sure this Yugo with a Chevrolet V8 can make a turn?

Then there is the philosophical debate, cosmetics.

Don't even get me started on these fools. You know the clowns with the 323Ci and put M3 "gills" on the fender.


Anyway, we want to hear what YOU think.

Let us know in the comments below.

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