Thought you knew everything there was to know about BMW? After all, the brand has a tremendous following of loyalists and enthusiasts.

But there is one HUGE myth that has misled plenty of Bimmerphiles.

Hell, even I got school'd today.

Watch below as an Automobile Historian at BMW Group, Kai Jacobsen, walks us through the real deal behind BMW's logo.

Is the origin of the logo really centered around the propeller OR is it something entirely different?

Bimmerpost reports:

There has been some recent resurgence in the conversation surrounding the actual origins of the BMW Logo. Do the colors represent the colors of the Bavarian flag in reverse? Or does it originate from early BMW marketing posters that links BMW to airplane engines and the spinning propeller against a blue sky? Watch the video and find out...

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VIDEO: A HUGE BMW Myth Gets Debunked

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