You have to applaud a brand when they do something like this.

Rather than relying on forums, web boards and any other social type of network, Lexus has gone out on their own to establish a community for their enthusiasts. Particularly of the "F" variety.

The coolest part? The worldwide map can show anyone where each particular vehicle is roughly located and its database can be filtered by model or the web site the owner registered to.

**Make sure to click "Read Article" to explore or register your Lexus performance product by clicking the "Registry" button under the "Beyond The F" tab.

Ah, the beauty of technology....

Welcome to the worldwide database of exhilarating Lexus performance vehicles. Here, you can register your LFA, IS F and LS 460 Sport, as well as any Lexus equipped with F Sport or aftermarket performance equipment. You can also check out other Lexus performance vehicles around the world, filtering by model or enthusiast site where they were registered...

[Source: Lexus]

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Lexus Is On Top Of Its Game, Gets More Involved With Enthusiasts

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