As you may have seen from yesterday's piece concerning a new spy shot with the upcoming Audi A7 side-by-side with a 2011 A8, the A7 is pretty large.

And unless you are Superman with unbelievable measuring abilities, most people could not see that with the naked eye. Now that it is confirmed, we are a little curious:

Why do you need an A8 when the A7 is definitely going to be a bit of a spicier Audi?

We can tell it will not be a small car, so legroom is likely to be there and since the roofline is not nearly as drastic as say an Acura ZDX, there should be a practical amount of headroom. It is somewhere between the passive BMW 5 Gran Turismo and slinky Mercedes-Benz CLS. The roofline is just enough to keep its chic style without seemingly compromising comfort.

While many design critics have found the 2011 A8 a bit too conservative, the A7 will definitely pick up the slack -- assuming it will follow the Sportback Concept at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Speaking with 001, he says that he hopes the flip-up navigation unit disappears and the interior receives some more upgrades over the 8.

Personally, I dig the flip-up screen; I dislike the huge and static screens in the middle of contemporary interiors.

But enough of our thoughts, what say you, Spies?

With the sexy A7 coming around soon, is the A8 even relevant?

Let us know in the comments below...

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The Audi A7 Will Be CLOSE In Size And BETTER Looking - Who Needs The New A8?

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