No matter how many official press shots BMW puts up of the 2011 X3 for new car shoppers, they really do not compare to the real life shots that are sent in by spies.

You know why? Because the truth comes out in these non-PhotoShopped images. There is no airbrushing or digital fixings going on here. Plus, it is also very telling to see a car on the road among its peers.

So, we've decided to bring you these shots of a new 2011 X3 roaming the streets totally naked.

Said to be approximately the size of the first-generation X5, the X3 has grown a bit in all directions so that it will leave a nice little gap for the X1 to come into the U.S. market without eroding X3 sales. And if you have ever been the rear passenger of a first-generation X3, you too should know it needed some more room.

But what is the verdict, Spies?

Does the 2011 X3 hold its own in real life or is it kind of like looking at the cover of STAR Magazine -- you know, the one with the stars looking ghastly without their make up?

After tens of official photos, we are bringing you the first real life photos of the new 2011 BMW X3. The second generation X3 has been redesigned from the ground up and went through an extensive exterior redesign.

The new model is built under the codename F25 and compared to the first generation, the 2011 X3 is a half-inch taller, 3.4 inches longer and 1.1 inches wider than the current model, similar dimensions with first generation BMW X5. Stretched longer and wider, the X3 now sits squatter, with a more aggressive stance than the X3 it replaces...

[Source: BMWBlog]

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REAL LIFE Shots Of The 2011 BMW X3, Does It Look BETTER or WORSE?

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