I don't know what to make of this, exactly why I brought it to the Spies.

Now while we love the Lexus LFA featured in the image and video -- it's the exact same prototype 00R drove -- we don't exactly love this kind of conduct on public roads.

Apparently Claus Ettensberger of CEC, known for catering to the tasteless and truly horrific modifying scene, was caught speeding in an LFA. Making him the first to be ticketed in the unreleased Lexus, according to GTspirit. So, that must have been one interesting conversation with the officer.

The kicker: Ettensberger was clocked doing 91 in a 35, although his friend proudly boasts "He was going 103."

*AutoSpies does not condone this kind of driving on PUBLIC roads

**To see the prototype LFA and hear the tale, watch the video below...

Claus Ettensberger of CEC not only goes on a test drive but breaks a record in the Lexus LFA. He made history by being the first person to get a speeding ticket in the not yet released 2011 Lexus LFA supercar. He drove 103mph in a 35mph-zone...

[Source: GTspirit]

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VIDEO: Claus Ettenberger Of CEC Earns The First Lexus LFA Ticket

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