Wow, it doesn't get much worse than this.

Not only did a dealership undertake an M5board member's BMW for a service appointment but they also wound up taking over a whole lot more when they destroyed the vehicle during a "test drive."

One of the dealership's 20-year old technicians took the vehicle out during this "test" and this was the end result.

Long story short, the original dealer said that the fix would be $2,500 without paint. And anyone who has ever had an incident with a BMW knows that may cover the cost of a bumper and headlights. This seemed a bit more in depth than that.

Knowing this, the original owner took the car to another BMW dealer who said that damage was a worse. A lot worse. To the tune of $14,000 in parts and another $16,000 in labor.

We're going to sit back on this one and just let it play out but we want to know, do you trust your dealership NOW?

00R caught some flack when he questioned this over the weekend...

An M5board member took his 2007 BMW M5 to a Texas-based dealership for a regular service appointment. A few hours later, the owner gets a call from the dealership which informs him that the M5 went through an accident. They stated that their tech took the car for a test drive and slid into a curb at 20 mph.

The wheel cracked, tire blown, front end needs a new paint job and the strut was cracked open. This was the official story...

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M5 Owners Car CRASHED While At Dealer For Service, Whole 'Lotta Problems!

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