Oh-kay, so, you're planning a caper of sorts that's going to blow everyone's door off. But as with all plots there is one key element that has to be just right for everything to run smoothly.

That is, of course, the getaway vehicle.

I mean, you saw what happened to those guys in Reservoir Dogs, right?

Taking the necessary requirements into consideration -- strong, fast, agile and reliable -- what car would you take if you needed to getaway from a bad scene QUICK?

Tell us what your favorite and what situation would warrant your choice.

If you're going to be a spy you're going to have to THINK like one!

2011 Bentley Continental GT Photo Gallery

2011 Dodge Durango Photo Gallery

2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid & MKX

2011 Lexus IS Photo Gallery

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What Is The ULTIMATE Getaway Vehicle?

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