As I was looking for some information on the Ferrari recall I stumbled across this awesome car. A Ferrari 458 Italia that has been modified by Oakley Design to go even faster. With weight reduced, power upgraded and more down force produced it must be absolutely awesome to drive. More interestingly is that in terms of performance and grip it must now sneak past the current Enzo?

I think it fantastic that we live in a world where the standard Ferrari 458 isn't fast enough and that there is a market for quicker ones. I would love to see this head to head with an Enzo. On the video it keeps up with the matching Ducati 1198 (also modified) in a straight drag race. So is this a, erm, "budget" alternative to an Enzo? I bet you could buy the car and the matching bike for less than an Enzo would set you back.

See what you think on the video.

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