You had to of known that once BMW's North American CEO, Jim O'Donnell, said that the new 6-Series would be the "Best-looking BMW in years," that the 6'er would come under heavy scrutiny.

After a period of time where most enthusiasts and industry professionals thought BMW design had taken a nose dive, is the 6-Series the car that's going to bring it back to the top of the hill?

How does the new BMW 6-Series Concept compare to Audi and Mercedes-Benz's products?
Is it more modern and elegant? Do you find its design still too avant garde?

It's pretty hard to dislike the 6 from 001's shots down below but weigh in and let your voice be heard.

**Bonus: since the 6-Series you see here is a concept, what do you think will NOT make it onto the production version. 00R will start off with one major bit, the interior... is ranked the number one website in the world for auto show photos!

2010 Paris Motor Show Photo Gallery

2010 Paris Motor Show Photo Gallery

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Special thanks to Saab for hosting us in Sweden and in Paris for this years show. The manufacturer paid for our airfare, food and lodging.

2010 Paris Motor Show Photo Gallery

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PARIS MOTOR SHOW: BMW 6-Series Concept, The Best Looking BMW In Years?

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