So, when you were little there is a chance that people told you we'd eventually have flying cars in our lifetime. I guess theoretically you can say we do, since there was that one guy who built one. Obviously, they're not mass production.

Something a bit more realistic in our lifetimes are cars that drive themselves. Its actually been done AND even Google is working on something. That's how you know you should be scared -- when Google is developing something -- especially as an enthusiast.

And other manufacturers are getting there. Hell, Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson had a BMW 330 take him around the Top Gear test track without him doing anything. We should have seen this coming with the implementation of sonar-guided cruise control systems, blind-spot sensors, lane-guidance assist, nightvision equipment, GPS units.

All of the right stuff there, it's just a matter of bringing it all together, essentially.

More importantly, when I saw this post by Eric Peters, it spoke to me. Something tells me it will speak to a lot of you.

Is this a step in the right direction or is this a BIG mistake?

**Check out Peters's thoughts on cars that drive themselves by clicking "Read Article"

People seem to like this idea. It makes my flesh crawl.

Well, maybe not that extreme. But the idea does depress me.

A big part of what makes driving enjoyable is the freedom and control it gives you, the individual. It is your car and you are in charge of directing its course, of deciding how to get there. You can choose your route and proceed at whatever speed seems reasonable to you. If you like, you can stop for a cup of coffee. Or to admire a scenic view.

You control your destiny. You are a driver...

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Are Cars That Drive Themselves A BAD Idea?

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