You know, it seems that in the United States we don't get all the luck sometimes. Remember the BMW E36 M3? The one that didn't have the European-spec high-output motor? Yeah, we wound up with the 240 horsepower version and not the 321 pony maker. Also, we missed out when Audi debuted the RS6 Avant with that killer bi-turbo V10 powerplant.

The list goes on.

Given the chance to pick between a couple of BMW's that we don't get, which would you have? A BMW X1 or a BMW 1-Series hatchback?

Interestingly enough, while walking through Georgetown in Washington D.C., I actually saw a diplomat-plated 1-Series hatch in black. All I have to say, it looks pretty good in person...

PS - The X1 is coming to our shores, the question is only hypothetical.

**Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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If You Had To Choose, What Should BMW Bring To The USA? X1 Or 1-Series Hatchback?

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