Do you remember the first time you saw the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics? What a remarkable piece of engineering. Keep in mind though, it's one thing to see a car at an auto show, it's a totally different ballpark to ride or drive one.

Well, that's precisely what happened. Guess what? Now they're talking about it.

And while you may shrug it off as "Eh, just another alternative fuel vehicle, remember that this will be the car that leads BMW into the future.

With that said, for a brief look into the next BMW halo car that will go down in history, click "Read Article"

When BMW takes the plunge into new waters, it doesn't do things by halves. We saw the original Vision EfficientDynamics two-door supersport silently speed onto the company stand at last September's Frankfurt motor show, and the effect left the crowd suitably stunned.

We've just made it to the former East Germany for a special ride in the carbon-fiber showstopper that is the crowning jewel for BMW's new future mobility think-tank department called project i, for "innovation." How the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics feels while it hurtles itself along is a familiar sensation in electric hybrids — all that torque from the moment you start etc., etc. But there is more going on here than in the typical alternative-propulsion supercar...

[Source: Edmunds]

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Vision EfficientDynamics, Most IMPORTANT BMW In Some Time?

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