*Lindsay Lohan in one of her cars

Ever wonder what your favorite stars are driving?

Obviously, this list does not have EVERY car they own but it's a good sampling...

I say we build the official list of stars and their cars right here on

If you know of others, post them in our blogs below so we can keep the list current...

Here's the list:

1. Britney Spears- SLR McLaren/MINI convertible
2. Paris Hilton- Bentley Continental/MB SLR
3. Lindsay Lohan- Mercedes SL65 AMG convertible
4. Tom Cruise- Porsche 911
5. Rene Zelleweger- Porsche 911
6. Madonna- Maybach 57
7. Charlize Theron- Land Rover Range Rover
8. Shaquille O'Neal- Rolls-Royce Phantom/Lots of SUV's
9. Jerry Seinfeld has over 20 Porsches and is a huge collector. He owns a Mexico Blue 993 that was the last 993 off the production line
10. Jay Leno has the largest collection with a fleet of European cars but no reference to any Toyoya or Lexus in his stable. Also too many classic cars and motorcycles to mention
11.Kevin Costner- Land Rover
12.Sly Stallone- Land Rover/Phantom
13.Bill Murray- Land Rover
14. Queen Elisabeth- Land Rover (she still drives it)
15. Demi Moore- Land Rover
16. Tom Cruise- Land Rover
17. Meg Ryan- Land Rover
18. Don Johnson- Land Rover
19. Mel Gibson- Land Rover
20. Jack Nicholson-Land Rover
21. Barry Manilow- Land Rover
22. Drew Barrymore's- BMW M3 convertible
23. Ben Affleck- Aston Martin DB7
24. Brad Pitt- 2002 Mercedes-Benz G500
25. Justin Timberlake- Mercedes S600.
26. Ralph Lauren- Land Rover and a huge collection of classic's
27. Donald Trump- Maybach
28. Marvin Hamlisch- Audi A8
29. Travis Barker of Blink 182- An awesome collection of Cadillacs both past and present

Now the Flip side:

1. Cameron Diaz- Toyota Prius
2. Leonardo Di Caprio- Toyota Prius (4 of them)
3. Julia Roberts- Toyota Prius
4. Tyra Banks- Lexus SC
5. Meryl Streep- Toyota Prius

Special thanks to Plano_A4 for starting the list.

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