From the sound of things, it seems as though Hyundai's Veloster is shaping up to be quite the car. Not because it is suppose to obtain 40 mpg without the use of a hybrid motor, but because its going to be damned good looking just like the concept.

Our friends at AutoExpress got a first look at the car and according to them, the production Veloster is largely carried over from the concept and even boasts an asymmetrical door setup.

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Hyundai is set to serve up a new niche when the Veloster makes its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January. The firm claims the new car will be the first “utility coupe” when it hits the road next year.

The Veloster was first shown as a concept (pictured) at Hyundai’s home Motor Show in Seoul in 2007. Hyundai had no plans to put the car into production, but such was the favourable reaction, the Veloster will be built, and Auto Express has had a sneak peak at the finished article...

[Source: AutoExpress]

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A FIRST Look At Hyundai's Veloster Reveals A Lot Of COOL

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