Ferrari spying can be some of the trickiest. But thanks to a YouTube account user that is not afraid of sitting on top of fences, we've got some great footage for you.

You can never quite know exactly what Ferrari is up to because they usually take a mish-mosh of parts and throw them on a new chassis. Take, for example, when Ferrari was working on the Enzo. The boys and girls from Maranello took modified parts from a 348 and 355 and created an elongated beast that sported a mid-engined V12.

Now today's video shows what seems to be a 599 GTO but note that there are little inconsistencies. Could Ferrari be testing its KERS system? Could it be a 599 replacement? How about a 612 replacement?

We're not entirely sure but we'll tell you something we do know: it sure as hell sounds sweet.

**To get a gander at Ferrari's latest project, take a look down under

I have filmed the very first mule of what will be the new Ferrari 599. This one is based on the 599 GTO, you can see some interesting details such as different led headlights, a raw exhaust system, new extractor, raw rear and front air intakes in which you can see inside some red sensors. Actually there are no more infos about this car, but probably it will have the kers system. The final version will doesn't look like this one, this mule is based on the GTO but the real modifications are in the mechanical components...

[Source: YouTube]

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SPIED: What Is Ferrari Up To With THIS Mule?

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