This year's Consumer Electronics Show is undoubtedly being dominated by two major automakers. One of them, Audi, decided to come to the 2011 CES fully armed. Not only did it bring the eTron Spyder but Audi also brought forth a couple of new pieces of tech.

The first big development is MMI Touch. Described as being operated similar to Apple's iPhone, the MMI unit will be vastly different from today's current and confusing MMI. Today's MMI unit has a slew of button and poorly laid out menus. In due time this will change as Audi said it will launch a new system in the new A3 next year.

MMI Touch will feature a LARGE control wheel with a touchpad on top. This touchpad will be able to take the letter drawing concept seen on the 2011 Audi A8 and also integrate some of the similar functions from an Apple iPhone -- an example is "pinching."

A second development is Audi's plan to implement a programmable instrument display that will replace a traditional instrument cluster with a TFT screen. Although marques like Jaguar, Land Rover Range Rover and Ferrari have TFT clusters, they haven't allowed you the capability to customize the way information is presented.

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AutoExpress says:

...The next generation of the system arrives in the new A3 next year, and features an enlarged control wheel which not only turns, but has a touchpad on its top. The pad will allow drivers to zoom in and out using a pinching action, just like the way an iPhone works, and allows the driver to input a sat-nav or stereo command by drawing the letters on the touchpad with their finger...

...Audi is also working on a programmable instrument display which replaces conventional dashboard dials with a TFT screen. Measuring 30cm diagonally, the driver can choose how the speed, revs and other information are displayed, including choosing the type of dial, fonts and colors...

Engadget says:

...[Audi is...] launching its MMI on the higher-end sedans and SUVs, like the A8 and Q7. That's changing with the next version of MMI Touch, starting on the (relatively) attainable A3.

NVIDIA was quite proud to show off the system, with Tegra providing the power behind the scenes as we saw last year. That means lovely rendering of Google Earth, in 3D no less, and of course responsive performance...

[Source: AutoExpress & Engadget]

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2011 CES: Audi Shows Off MMI Touch AND Programmable Instrument Display

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