Now it hasn't been a secret that Ferrari was working on a replacement for the company's 2+2, the 612 Scaglietti. Recently though, the plans regarding this car have taken a turn for the weird.

In the past couple of weeks there have been reports of a shooting brake model and speculation that the car will have over 660 horsepower. On top of this spy photographs of the car undergoing testing have hit the 'net and they are...intriguing. That's because you can't make out anything.

From what I see, there is clearly a 458-inspired nose tacked on here and DEFINITELY the Italia's headlights. Then the interior is a mix of California parts. Although some publications are reading into this, I would say to back off. That's because Ferrari is a known user of leftover parts for mules.

Remember, it was only several weeks ago that the 348/355 Frankenstein prototype for the legendary Enzo hit the web for sale, again? It could just be another one of these hack jobs.

Additionally, why would Ferrari mass produce a shooting brake? Just because the car is wearing heavy-duty camo doesn't mean they'd go off the rails. Hell, if you look closely you can see the car has a pretty aggressive looking C-Pillar.

If things haven't been confusing as is, don't fret. Word on the street is now suggesting that Ferrari will be privately showing the new car off in a couple of days on Jan. 21.

What do you think we should be looking forward to, Spies?

[Source: Auto Motor Und Sport]

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SPIED: Ferrari Ups The Weird With Its 612 Replacement

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