Ferrari's latest -- dare I say greatest? -- creation is the FF or F151 as some pictures have shown. With a front-mounted 6.3-liter V12 powerplant producing more than 650 horsepower, the car definitely sounds like a Maranello-born beast. However, what is up with that design?

Before the 458 Italia's introduction, I think it was universal knowledge that Ferrari's designs of recent memory just weren't sexy. They seemed to lack that panache, so they said. People critiqued the 599 as being peculiarly proportioned and the 612 as bland. Some even derided the F430 for not being sensual and too hard edged.

Then 458 made its appearance and the motoring world rejoiced, but it seems like that may have only been for a short while because in this writer's opinion, the FF/F151 isn't the most lustful car he's set eyes on.

This leaves me hanging because this car is only telling me two things:

1) This car symbolizes the return of "the breadvan"

2) This is Ferrari's interpretation of the Porsche Panamera
. That's not necessarily a bad thing since the Panamera is lighting up the sales charts.

Meet the shock new Ferrari FF, a replacement for the 612 Scaglietti.

As well as being the first four-wheel-drive Ferrari, it’s described as the company’s most versatile four-seater ever, and has unexpectedly been unveiled with best in class cabin space and boot capacity figures. It’s not a hardcore supercar to sit above the Ferrari 458 Italia, then; it does, though, come with a typically potent power source under that long front bonnet...

[Source: EVO Magazine]

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