In cars with more than 500 horsepower, carbon-ceramic brakes have begun making a widespread appearance. And there is good reason for that: they're lighter and are more durable to the extreme driving that vehicles with this kind of performance are put through.

Although from the spy images that we have seen of the upcoming F10 BMW M5, it appears that the prototype vehicles haven't been sporting the carbon variation; however, BMW Group's managing director of M GmbH, Dr. Kay Segler, confirms that BMW is working on it.

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In an interview with BMW's managing director of M GmbH, Dr. Kay Segler:

“You have to look into each and every screw, but you cannot expect what people might expect: that you could simply reduce 200 kilos in the snip of a finger… This is an equation which is very difficult and does not have an easy solution. But, we are working on it.”

The next-generation M5 for example, will have weight-saving carbon-ceramic brakes and the V10 of the outgoing car is being ditched in favour of a turbocharged V8.

Still, lightweight cars are gone. It’s hard to imagine that shaving a few grams off a bolt will compensate for more stringent safety regulations and the bulk of burgeoning “features” lists. Not until carbon fibre, composites and aluminum move into the mainstream will light cars live again...


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RUMOR: Upcoming BMW M5 To Feature High-Tech Brakes?

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