Audi of Ingolstadt will release this fall a concept car for the upcoming new Audi A7. However, already now – although the production version is not expected to be due before 2009 - first mules of the four door coupe have been sighted taking repeated laps at Germany’s trace track Nürburgring. The prototype can be distinguished from its wider fenders, bigger tyres and expensive alloy wheels - painted black. The production car will get a luxury style four seat interior, frameless doors, a glass roof, and offers a choice of six different fuel and Diesel V6 and V8 engines, and for the top of the line version the Lamborghini V10.

This new model by Audi will aim directly at the competitor Mercedes CLS, which became a best seller recently, due to the fact that Daimler-Chrysler is still the only one with this type of car on the market. Therefore, not only Audi but also Jaguar and Volkswagen are striving to get a rival up and going soonest. Jaguar’s will be the upcoming XJ replacement, and Volkswagen is developing a Passat-based coupe with four frameless doors, too

Hans G. Lehmann/ Hidden Image

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