There is something incredibly peculiar about the 2011 Ford Flex Titanium being offered for sale on eBay right this very second. Mostly the fact its "Buy it now" price is listed at $57,435. Not to mention its sticker says it should list at $52,435.

So, not only is this an absurdly-priced Flex but on top of that the dealer wants another $5,000 on top of it? Wow.

Then you have to slow down for one second and put it into perspective: what else sells for $57,000 large ones? Hell, instead of getting what seemingly looks like a wannabe Range Rover wagon, why not opt for a real Land Rover and get into an LR4? Upon closer inspection, you could probably snap up a used Range Rover Sport for that kind of change!

With that said, we're going to let you unleash your views: what else would you want to drive for $57,000 besides a Ford Flex?

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[Source: eBay]

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Say It Isn't So, A $57,000 Ford Flex

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