According to recent reports, it seems that BMW's M division is going to be brewing up an interesting piece for the Tokyo Motor Show come December. And just like other brands, the M concept is suppose to have a focus on lightweight materials.

Considering the growing size and heft of vehicles today, particularly BMWs, this is a wise move. Additionally, this may be the perfect opportunity for BMW to show off what is capable with carbon fiber reinforced plastics, aluminum, thermo-plastics and magnesium.

Where things get particularly interesting is when you consider the possibilities when coupled with BMW's Project i. Keep in mind that the "i3" and "i8" have been spotted testing.

Perhaps BMW will unveil its very first green M. Just think, that use to be considered an oxymoron.

This years Tokyo Motor Show in December will show us a BMW M Power lightweight concept. The engineering concept will show the possibilities of how BMW M can improve on the use of lightweight materials in the bodyshell and chassis...

[Source: GTspirit]

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