It was not so long ago that CAR Magazine was road testing the all-new Ferrari FF when unfortunately the driver, who was conducting a video review, hit a curb. Fortunately, the driver was fine with exception of a slightly bruised ego.

The damage to the FF, on the other hand, was unknown. The only thing we could tell from the posted video was that the driver seemed to be in distress and there seemed to be a rubbing noise indicating something was not quite right.

Well, this appears to be the extent of the damage. Although the picture below is the only evidence thus far, I think it is safe to say that is it. It's not like the chap hit a guardrail.

With that said, I think we can close the book on this one and get back to real car news.

[Source: Luxury4Play VIA CAR Magazine]

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The End Result Of CAR Magazine's Ferrari Misstep

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