If you're not sure about ordering an all-new, 2012 BMW M5 when it hits showrooms, you may want to take a look at this. While it is normal to come across some running footage of vehicles after their edited production is posted, this is a little more unique than that.

Somehow, unedited footage of the upcoming BMW M5 made its way onto the interwebs. If you've got nearly 30 minutes to spare and are Jones'ing for a new M5, this may be worth your while.

We recently posted the F10 M5 teaser and trailer from BMW, but here's the raw uncut footage, featuring nothing but the visuals and sounds from the F10 M5 undergoing winter testing. 30 minutes of pure unadulterated F10 M5 goodness. Enjoy.

The F10 M5 concept's debut is nearly upon us so stay tuned for coverage!

[Source: 5post]

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VIDEO: Ever Hear Of Seven Minutes In Heaven? Try 30 With The 2012 BMW M5

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