Remember that Audi Lightweight Technical Showcase right before the 2011 Geneva Motor Show? Well, if you don't remember, Agent 001 photographed a peculiar-looking S5. That was no ordinary S5, it is the upcoming Quattro Coupe.

It just has to get approval first.

The only prototype built is the same car that 001 sampled and if you don't remember he said it drove like a Porsche. Things are looking up for the four rings so bring it on, Audi!

With that said, make sure to take a look at the Quttro Coupe prototype down below AND click "Read Article" to see Autocar's FULL story on the coupe.

Audi’s radical new Quattro coupé is poised to be given the green light for limited production, according to company sources.

A single engineering prototype, based on an S5, has been built by Audi’s Quattro division. It will be sampled by members of the Audi board before the project gets the official go-ahead.

However, insiders say the Quattro now looks a certainty for launch in 2013...

[Source: Autocar]

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While Audi's Quattro Coupe Waits For The Official Go Ahead, 001 Snaps The ONLY Prototype In The WORLD

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