Although I find the new BMW M5 Concept to be a piece of automotive pornography, I have spoken with a handful of enthusiasts and the reaction has been relatively mixed.

Some find it to be like sex on wheels and perfect while others have mentioned it looking too conservative and subtle.

I don't think there's anything subtle about that front valence but hey, different strokes for different folks.

Clearly, this vehicle takes a page from the E39 M5's book, which was largely a simple-looking sport sedan. Besides the mirrors, quad exhaust pipes and some other slight cosmetic modifications, it wasn't that much different than the standard 530i and 540i.

This meant the people who knew the vehicle understood how badass it was while others dismissed it as "just another BMW." How wrong they were!

With that said, weigh in: is the all-new BMW M5 Concept too much of a sleeper for you or is it BMW doing what it does best?

Many have said that the F10 M5 makes an impression closer to the E39 M5 than the immediately preceding E60 M5, by ditching the E60's more avant garde lines and styling for the more direct and linear lines of the E39 generation. To us, this observation certainly has some merit, as borne out by the photo comparison below. To our eyes, the concept F10 M5 seemingly occupies the space between the E39 and E60 iterations - toning down the at-times controversial E60's curvacious and nontraditional cutlines, but adding more flow and dynamic surface changes to the E39's more classic upright design...

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Like Father, Like Son - The New M5 Concept, Does It Look Too Conservative?

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