Oh-kay, so we've seen the next-gen M5 Concept plenty, which is likely the real deal, given there will probably be some MINOR changes. Now its time to hear it in action from a more reliable source.

That man is EVO Magazine's Chris Harris. Having been the pilot of many of today's great vehicles, his opinion does bear some weight.

With that said, watch Harris flick the M5 about in some snowy conditions in Sweden.

**Note: When I drove the X6M, which has the same motor, I squealed about it sounded similarly to a Ferrari 355. Everyone turned and looked at me as if I had three heads. Well, at least I know Harris agrees with me!

This pre-production BMW M5 - internal code F10M - was being tested up on a frozen lake in Sweden. Chris Harris caught up with the twin-turbo V8 and held some big drifts...

[Source: 5post]

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VIDEO: Chris Harris Drifts A Pre-Production BMW M5 In Sweden, Listen To The Soundtrack

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