Yes, we said it: Z2.

If you haven't noticed, BMW is moving a lot of its products upmarket. Just about every car in its lineup has gotten bigger, received more power and justified a larger price tag. A 328i now bases for around $35,000 large ones -- I remember when it was more like $27,000 for the entry-level 3-Series.

With that said, you can expect more of the same when it comes to the now hard-top convertible Z4. This leaves plenty of room for a smaller vehicle with a smaller amount of output and a soft top.

This has Bimmerfest speculating about some recent comments our insider Scott has made.

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BMW insider Scott tips us off to the Autobild article highlighting what the new Z2 and Z4 might look like. He specifically says -

"The latest Autobild showcases the forthcoming Z2 and also gives a preview of the next Z4. However next Z4 is going through the motions as we speak so it is too early to discuss overall design details."

Interesting to note that while he is very clear that this might not be what the new Z4 looks like he doesn't say anything about the Z2. Does that mean the Z2 shown is close to the final design from Munich?

[Source: Bimmerfest VIA AutoBild]

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RENDERED SPECULATION: Are These Good Indications Of BMW's Next-Gen Z4 And Upcoming Z2?

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