If there is one domestic automaker above the others, it is clearly Ford. The problem with that is, Ford isn't just up against Chrysler Group and General Motors. It also has a bevy of other competition from Europe, Japan and Korea.

That means its products have to be well-rounded on all fronts, which means they have to be: practical, refined, reliable, well built and cheap. 

Although it appears the company has gone gangbusters in the past couple of years, USAToday's James R. Healey decided to provide a bit of a reality check for those in store for an all-new 2012 Ford Focus.

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If the rest of the 2012 Ford Focus were as well-executed as the artful styling, a lot of compact-car rivals could simply take their toys and go home.

But not so.

Based on drives of two examples of the completely remade Focus, a $20,000 midlevel, four-door sedan and a $28,000 hatchback, it's clear that Focus could be better.

Good stuff first...

[Source: USAToday]

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Although Ford Has Done A Pretty Good Job Weathering The Storm, The Tide May Be Beginning To Turn

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