As you sit behind the wheel of the 2011 BMW 1M, some of the first things that you're likely to notice will be the Alcantara-trimmed bits, the orange stitching throughout the cabin, the three-spoke steering wheel and the M gauges.

Though the two-tone gauges do offer a different look compared to your standard-issue 1-series, I am not so sure how they hold up when compared against the lustful instrument cluster of the Tii concept. Just to refresh your memories, the Tii Concept appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show years ago. It was the first sign that BMW was debating building a souped-up 1-Series.

With that said, we want to know a couple of things:

1) Should BMW offer the 1M's gauges as an option in other BMW products


2) Are the Tii Concept's gauges better or worse than what we see in the production 1M?

2011 BMW 1M NA Launch Photo Gallery

Above: 2011 BMW 1M gauges

Below: BMW 1-Series Tii Concept gauges

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MmMmMm, Gauges! 2011 BMW 1M vs. Tii Concept

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