When Ferrari introduced the new 599 GTO, it made just about every enthusiast salivate. Boasting a more aggressive look and a serious amount of upgrades over the existing 599 GTB, it was a substantial difference.

And from the videos and images circulating the 'net, it's just about as epic as they come. From the exhaust note to the gorgeous interior, it's hard to find a flaw in this vehicle.

Until someone backs one into a pole, that is.

For one unfortunate owner in Cologne, Germany that's just what happened. And given his trouble getting the car into gear, which really isn't that hard, I don't think anyone will be all that surprised.

To see what I am talking about, make sure to watch the clip down below. Likely, it will make you wonder why this guy even bought a 599 GTO in the first place.

Bumping into or even just scraping against an object while pulling you car out of a parking space has probably happened to everyone at least once or twice. However, you would expect an owner of a spanking
new Ferrari 599 GTO worth north of €260,000 or close to $400,000 to be far more careful that usual when attempting to reverse out of a parking space. Apparently, being careful was not in the nature of the owner of this blacked out 599 GTO in Cologne, Germany. Video follows after the break.

[Source: Carscoop]

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VIDEO: OUCH! This Is What A Ferrari 599 GTO Looks Like After...

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