It's one thing to have wealth. It's another thing to have a nice turquoise Ferrari 599 GTB formerly owned by the infamous Al-Thani family.

And it's completely something else to be an outright douchebag. So much so that we have to point out the obvious.

Apparently this fool is ripping their 599 up and down the narrow streets of London. Considering the video capturing this shows the car doing it numerous times, hopefully they strip this idiot of their right to drive. Hell, I spotted a couple of close calls while watching the footage only once.

With that said, we hate to be the crotchety old man shaking a cane and saying "slow down" but this is pretty damn ridiculous.

Are we alone here?

In Summer time many rich Arabs flee from the scorching heat to London and other cities in Europe to spend their time and money. Supercars with exotic license plates from countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates dominate the streets of capitals in Europe.

However a license plate from Iraq is not a common sight and this is probably one of the first Iraqi supercars in London. The video below shows the ex Al-Thani Ferrari 599 reaching 120mph on Sloane Street. The
Al-Thani family has turquoise cars as their trademark and sold this prancing horse to an Iraqi...

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VIDEO: So How Long Until Someone Dies Because Of This Douchebag?

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