One car that is a perennial favorite is the Land Rover Range Rover. That's because, much like an S-Class, it has the appeal of utility, luxury and status.

With that said, Range Rover's current iteration is getting a bit stale. It's been in production for some time now and it needs a bit of an overhaul as technology has evolved rapidly. Oh yeah, and Range Rover should probably start thinking about alternative fuels. Fuel's trajectory isn't getting cheaper.

What are some changes YOU would like to see to the all-new Rover in the works?

Although roughly less than two years away from launch, Land Rover continues to use engineering mules to test the next generation of its Range Rover model. And by mules, we mean that the British firm is utilizing a modified body of the current luxury SUV with a different front end and beefier wheel arches hiding the wider tracks of the new platform architecture.

And while the 2013 Range Rover’s looks remain a mystery for now, we do know that it will adopt a new lightweight aluminium chassis using know-how from the group’s Jaguar brand. Furthermore, the new model will feature an alloy body shell while certain components will be made of composite materials...

[Source: Carscoop]

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SPIED: Range Rover Updating Its Flagship For 2013? What Do YOU Want Changed For The Next-Gen Rover?

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