What is it about the Ferrari FF that you like and dislike?

Well, maybe its all in the color? Make sure to take a look at the following video and see the FF in a multitude of colors. For some vehicles, the color is really the thing than "makes it" or "breaks it."

WHICH color works for you?

Some people are so much into supercars that they don’t mind spending hours and hours on the road waiting for one to come by and record it in action. We, on the other hand, prefer to be the recipients of their work… This Youtube user, for example, spent a great deal of time on the lookout for any Ferrari FF passing by near the Italian company’s headquarters in Maranello. He was able to spot a handful of cars in various color combinations. If you’re interested in the sights and sounds of Ferrari's four-seat, 660-horsepower V12 supercar, simply follow the break to watch the video...

[Source: Carscoop]

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VIDEO: The Ferrari FF Gets Seen And Heard In A Bunch Of Different Colors

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