After you've just ruined a Ferrari F355 Challenge, things must seem pretty bad. 355's aren't the cheapest cars to maintain nor are they the most reliable. In addition, this poor schlub just put one on its roof.

So you know the damage is extensive.

Making matters worse is when any owner has to slowly watch as the wrecker slowly gathers up the pieces and slowly drags it up its ramp so it can be towed away. Well, this Ferrari must have a mind of its own because it did not want to comply. Or the chains weren't attached correctly.

Either way, we're pretty sure this -- frankly -- sucks.

In Saint Gouéno in Bretagne, northwestern France, the following incident happened involving a Ferrari F355 Challenge racecar, which had crashed during a hill climb that took place in the area.

When the service truck arrived to pickup the prancing horse after the crash something happened what nobody suspected...

[Source: GTspirit VIA Carscoop]

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