You know what time it is? Lifecycle Impulse time!

It doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, now does it? In BMW-speak that means it's time for a face lift or model revamp. If I didn't know any better I'd say they must have taken some lessons from Beverly Hills plastic surgeons to spin wording like that.

Anyway, the range-topping 7-Series is starting to show some wrinkles so BMW's designers are going to inject some vitality into its big-daddy sedan. From these initial spy images, it appears that the front facade will receive some minor tweaks, new mirrors will make an appearance, and its rear valence will get a touch up as expected from a clean up.

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas as to what else BMW may be looking to improve this time around?

Make sure to weigh in down below!

With the fifth-generation of the BMW 7-Series limousine codenamed F01 entering its third year in production, it’s time for the Bavarian company to begin readying a mid-life facelift for its flagship model. 

spies snagged a lightly camouflaged prototype of the 7-Series bearing the ActiveHybrid 7 badges while testing in Germany...

[Source: Carscoop]

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SPIED: BMW's Big-Daddy 7-Series Getting Some Work Done For 2013

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