So, we've finally seen the all-new BMW M5. It looks great, sounds great -- see the video down below -- and now it even has the performance to put it in the record books. At least we think.

According to recent lap times done by a BMW driver, the new M5 hits the Nurburgring in an astounding 7:55. That slots the 2012 M5 in between cars like the Ferrari F430, Caterham R500, Porsche 996 Turbo and Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale.

There is one slight problem though. Although details remain sketchy I'd assume this wasn't conducted by an independent authority.

With that said, don't get too excited until Sport Auto gets its hands on one.

**Click "Read Article" to see the Green Hell's latest chart with the 2012 M5 on the board.

That's the lap time for the M5 F10 around the Nurburgring.

[Source: 5post]

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VIDEO: The All-New 2012 BMW M5 Laps The Green Hell, Guess Where It Slots In...

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