Given today's high prices for fuel, if you're thinking about going on a road trip you may want to reconsider. I mean, think of it this way: Why drive and put yourself through what could be a torturous event when you can cruise in a jet and relax.

Wait, that's wrong I should be advocating the car. Er...anyway...

Here's something relatively cool for you environmentalists out there -- the Fly Or Drive calculator compares each method of transportation's impact on the environment.

With that said, have you found yourself in this situation before? I'll tell you what after I drove to Detroit for the auto show, I am pretty sure I will not ever do that again. It was fun by good God it took a long time!

...there is now a tool for people who often debate whether or not it makes sense to fly or drive.'s Fly Or Drive Calculator compares the time and cost of flying versus driving. It asks you where you're going, when you're going, what you would drive if you were driving, and how much you'd pay for a hotel if you had to stay overnight. It also adds in the cost of parking at the airport if you're flying, plus car rental costs.

And for folks interested in their environmental impact, it calculates the carbon dioxide impact for each mode of travel. It also tells you how many hours you'll spend in the car or in the airport...

[Source: AOL Autos VIA]

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FLY or DRIVE? Can't Figure It Out? We've Got A Solution For You!

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