It wasn't too long ago that rumors surfaced about Audi producing a Q3 that had some juice flowing through its blood. No, it wasn't a professional athlete. But seriously, it looks like there's some truth to what was once that as internet bullbird.

There's no better way to prove it than by seeing it. You know that saying "I'll believe it when I see it." Well, that's just happened.

At a recent press event, Audi brought along a special Q3 that is said to have a detuned version of the RS3's 2.5-liter motor, which now produces 300 horsepower. Although that's not an unreal figure, it sure sounds loud -- really loud. This raises another question:

Is this an RS model or an S model?

Now that we've heard mumblings of an X1 M, how far off could it be? If Audi has already taken the time out to detune the RS3's motor and even is showing off a working prototype, are we that far away?

What more proof that Audi is seriously considering the introduction of a high-performance S or RS version of its newly launched Q3 compact SUV than the creation of a prototype model shown at a media event?

According to the folks over at Sweden’s
Sportbilen, the prototype was uncovered during the European press launch of the new Audi Q3 in Zurich, Switzerland. And mind you, this wasn’t a static presentation as the media had the chance to drive the pre-production model on the road...

[Source: Carscoop VIA Sportbilen]

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