This past weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying my Sunday in the sun and surrounded by a crowd of German-loving auto enthusiasts. But that doesn't sound too out of the ordinary, does it? Well, then you haven't been to Waterfest.

That's because it has to be one of the most unique auto events in our age. Sure, you can argue that it's like Bimmerfest but I think there is something about the atmosphere that is inherently different. It's more of a do-it-yourself environment that relies on good ol' fashion ingenuity and being grungy.

You don't have to look far to see it either. From the purposefully rusted cars -- protected with a clear coat --, to the cars boasting dozens of stickers that really speak to the owner, these cars have personality. That's not something you can say of many VWs and Audis, which for years have been chastised for being staid autos.

With that said, take a look at some of the unique rides at this year's Waterfest. We've got a FULL gallery and we'll be posting stories in the coming days.

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Waterfest 2011 Photo Gallery

Waterfest 2011 Photo Gallery

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Waterfest 2011: A Mix Of Euro Plates, Tickets, VWs, Audis, Rubbin' And Rust

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