In the competitive world of hot hatches, Volkswagen's GTI has always been thought as an underpowered car. Even though it has a hearty 200 horsepower, that's just not enough these days.

You have to remember that cars like the 250 horsepower plus Mazdaspeed3 exist. Granted, it has a helluva lot of torque steer. Typically, the VW could eek out most tests since its interior was best-in-breed, but if VW's next-gen version learns from its siblings, its interior will be a bit more decontented.

So, that means it has to make up for it in other departments. Cue the power bump.

The GTI version of the next-generation Volkswagen Golf is tipped to feature a mild increase in peak power using a carryover version of today’s 2.0-litre turbocharged engine.

The boost to 220bhp comes from detail tweaks to the EA888 engine — the unit used in today’s Volkswagen Golf GTI — including a new valve lift system developed by Audi...

[Source: Autocar]

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