When it comes to buying a teen's first car, it's never easy. And, really how can it be? I think it's safe to say that there are three options out there: New, old or a total piece of garbage.

There's valid reasons for all three:

New -- Oh-kay so your little pride and joy is all set to drive but you're not quite sure of their skill. Hell, even if they're the next Lewis Hamilton it's possible they'll wreck out at some point. So, you've decided to get the all-new "Car 'X'" with 25 airbags. Safety first, right?

Old -- Alright, so we know that the kid is probably going to have some dings or dents, maybe worse. That's fine, however, you don't think it's a good idea to ruin a totally new piece of machinery and you'd like to keep some dollars in your wallet. So, a used car will have some high-tech features but not hurt you too bad when it gets rocked a couple of times. A good balance, right?

Clunker -- I mean, seriously. Why bother? The auto will get beaten to hell anyway why shell out hard-earned buckaroos on something that will likely get taken to a junker? Old cars were built better anyway, right? And check it out! I have so much loot I can probably go by myself a new ride!

That's swell and all but which category do you fall into. If none of these apply, what move did you make or are you planning to make when your little angel gets the keys?

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What's The BEST Car For A FIRST-Time Driver? NEW vs. OLD vs. CLUNKER

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