Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader Geoff, we've got a couple of new spy shots that show Ford is up to something.

According to the source that sent in the shots, the cars were both spotted parked in SoCal, to be more specific, on the streets of Los Angeles.

Clearly, one vehicle is a 2011 Ford Mustang; however, if you notice there is some wiring and funky stuff going on with that car. For instance, note its exhaust is a little peculiar looking. Maybe Ford is working on some OEM performance additions?

The WAY more interesting vehicle though is the baby sport-utility vehicle. It's clearly not the next-gen Escape because its proportions don't look right. However, the head honcho over here, Agent 001, weighed in and believes it bears a lot of likeness to the European Ford Kuga.

After seeing a bunch of images of the Kuga, it's pretty easy to conclude that's exactly what it is, from the silver rear valence to the shape of the rear hatch and taillights, it's gotta be a Kuga.

If Ford continues bringing its Euro cars stateside under its new global car initiative, it looks like the Hyundai Tucson, Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V will have a new competitor to tackle.

**Check out the spy shots down below

[Source: Geoff]

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SPIED: A BABY Ford SUV That's NOT The Escape? What's Ford Working On?

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