Although you may think it's a slow news day to report this, it isn't. I think there is just a general sense of enthusiasm amongst BMW owners who are tired of having to pay the extra hundred bucks or so for floormats in a premium product. Granted, most dealers throw them in for free with the car, unless you can't negotiate to save your life.

But yes, it's true. BMW will be making floormats standard in all 2012 model year products. With that extra hundred bucks you can probably put that towards a nice bottle of champagne, as our friends at Bimmerfest suggested down below.

Dom, anyone?

"Floor Mats added as standard equipment for all MY2012 BMW models. Based upon customer feedback and competitive pressure, floor mats have been added to the standard equipment profile for all MY2012 1 Series, 3 Series, Z4 and M3 – SOP 9/2011"

Who's got a bottle of champagne??

[Source: Bimmerfest]

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It's About Time! All 2012 BMWs Receive Floors Mats Standard

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