No matter what any one says there will always be a select group of diehard BMW "purists" who will never accept the 1M into the land of Ms just because it doesn't have a motor starting with an "S." Well, I pity them.

Not only because the 1M is likely the best BMW product in years, but also because they're missing out on A LOT of fun! Even better, the 1M is a beast in its own respect, even with the N54 motor.

To paraphrase a BMW representative when I drove the 1M at the track event: if the car received BMW M's blessing, you know it's an M.

Well, if that's not enough of a convincing argument for you, check out the video down below and see how the 1M stacks up against other Ms that were highly lusted for.

This is the best find I've found on YouTube yet!!

So you want to know which is the fastest out of the 1M, the E92 M3 (manual version), the E36 M3 and the Z4 M Coupe? Well this video shows you!

If you want to fast forward, the comparisons are at the following times:

1M vs Manual E92 M3 - 1:06 mins

1M vs E36 M3 - 1:55 mins

1M vs Z4 M Coupe - 3:52 mins

[Source: 1addicts VIA YouTube]

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VIDEO: The 2011 BMW 1M vs. E92 M3 vs. E36 M3 vs. Z4 M Coupe -- Is It An M Yet?

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