For 2012, BMW is bringing us the hotly anticipated M5. The M5's not your ordinary sport sedan as it is arguably one of BMW's best products built. It didn't just earn that title by way of its looks or insane power figures, the title's been earned through years of being at the top of its game.

Looking into recent models, the E39 M5 was powered by a hearty V8 powerplant that sound like Zeus was pissed. Then, BMW made a transition into a more exotic sounding V10 motor that some said had the tonal quality of a Ferrari.

Now BMW is powering the all-new M with a forced induction V8. Said to be derived from the X5/6M, this motor, in my opinion, has an exotic ring to it that has some Ferrari 355 to it. People told me I was crazy but when EVO Magazine's Chris Harris got behind the wheel of the new M5 -- while drifting it in the snow -- he said the same thing.

Well, now you can decide for yourself: how's the all-new 2012 BMW M5 sound to you, down below?

We caught up with the 2012 BMW M5 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca during Pebble Beach Auto Week.

[Source: 5post VIA Automotive Rhythms]

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VIDEO: Is THIS What You Wanted The 2012 BMW M5 To Sound Like?

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