There are few manufacturers with weirder stories than De Tomaso. Without question, its most famous vehicle was the Pantera. Built in Italy but powered by Americans, this car was definitely a little bit confused.

Here's the kicker: it was sold through Lincoln/Mercury dealers.

Known for their poor build quality and Elvis taking a shot at his very own Pantera -- literally, he shot it --, they're not what you'd call a car with a good story. However, for some enthusiasts there's just something special about it that they cannot resist.

Take, for example, these MINT examples at Concours this weekend. Not only are they incredibly clean but look at everything about the car; It's probably better then when it rolled off the factory's production line!

With nearly 7,300 vehicles built over its lifetime though, it is relatively rare, and as you can see, it has a cult following.

Taking that into consideration, we're a little curious: Is the De Tomaso Pantera a TRUE classic or merely OVERRATED junk?

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TRUE Classic or OVERRATED Junk? Where Does The De Tomaso Pantera Sit With You?

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